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He desires Salon de Nuvida to be a modern inviting and luxurious space, providing an extraordinary yet relaxing client experience while your hair undergoes its own unique transformation.

Throughout his career, Caleb has also been serving as an educational mentor to other local hair stylists to help them achieve their goals and positively contribute to the salon industry here in Vancouver.

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                    ( 부원장 )

Born in Osaka, Japan with more than a decade long industry expertise (5 years in Osaka, 14 years in Canada), he has since developed his own particular mode combining classical elements and techniques, especially in hair coloring, with a touch of avant-garde in which he coins ‘Shingoizm’.


Shingo believes each person carries an atmospheric uniqueness that cannot be replicated. His approach to hair design is to first connect deeply with the client for inspiration so he can showcase their unique character and life experiences via hair.  


"Hair", he says, "is the quintessential centerpiece of a person’s style."

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Julie believes that a customized hair style that brings out your true essence can inspire and exude glowing confidence.
Finding a way to show off one’s unique lifestyle, by listening to what clients need and desire is her strength and reason to be.
Chic and classy best describes her aesthetic style and she looks forward to bringing your vision to life.


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Sarah’s diligent attitude and clean work ethic is just the start of what makes her an amazing and promising talent that will soon make her a force to be reckoned within the hair stylist world.

When this down-to-earth girl is not in the salon, she enjoys watching movies and listening to the latest music.

( 영어, 한국어 ) 



Born in Korea, He has his hair career for 15 years long in both of Seoul Korea and Tokyo Japan and now he is here in Vancouver building more of brilliant hair career.


He is interested in music, photograph, movie, interior design etc... he has a lot of curiosity in arts and always get inspired for his hair design which will discover your new attraction and  showcase your individual character.


If you are having any difficulty with your hair such as you don’t like your hair quality, texture or if it’s unmanageable, please come find him!!! He is open to provide consultations to find a good solution together. He will provide a personalized service after taking full consideration of each hair types and shapes. His goal is to make everyone’s hair looking great with easy maintenance.

( 한국어, 일본어 ) 



Originally from South Korea, Jimmy started in the hair industry while still attending high school. Don’t let his easy going personality fool you, he is a true craftsman and perfectionist when it comes to designing hair. He strives to achieve functional fashion forward hair styles for his clients with low maintenance effort.




(주니어 스타일리스트)

She has a brilliant sense of beauty

with a very friendly personality.
In beauty especially, she believes that sharing her enthusiasm with clients makes them happier and smile !
She does the best shampoo, hair treatment, and massage in the salon, please come in and try the exclusive hair service and relaxation.
She is proud to be in the team of NUVIDA and enhance her sense of beauty and is looking forward to helping you look prettier.

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